The memory is a fascinating faculty, so precious, that brings us traveling on so many paths. It can bring us back to a time where everything was so exciting and wonderful, but because of our memory we also have to face moments less pleasant. However, all these souvenirs are a part of us, a way to face what our past, present and future.

Beyond our souvenirs, there are people who are unforgettable. They get a place of honour in your mind and stay there all your life. They are a source of inspiration. For me, they become eternal characters who will live extraordinary stories… Here we go with this story about one of the most unforgettable people of my life…

The Festival d’Été de Québec does not need a presentation. They offer year after year, two weeks of festivities, discoveries and music downtown. With this festival, with which we are partners for a few years now, we get the chance to welcome entertainers who stay with us for long stays. This year, a group of five men from another universe came into our life. They could not have been imagined. Their flamboyance and their authenticity make them unique. They are the heroes of this last story of mine, because they are a part of my last best souvenirs of the Bellevue.

Hervé, Thomas, Greg, Cédric and Boris (they will not mind that I name them, they want to be known!) are the members of the Five Foot Fingers (FFF), a French group of flamboyant acrobats and comic “illusionists” whose English is understandable, in a way, sometimes… Their flirtatiousness and their inimitable funny faces bring us during a moment in a surrealist and extravagant elsewhere. It’s what I can say after I went to their show, but before to know that they were doing, the encounter with these weird characters had been unsettling.

Imagine this, five mustached men coming in and out of the hotel leaving us every time with funny face, seductive looks, and tomfooleries right at the front desk; they have illuminated our days and made us laugh like no one else. They were sweet people and it had been a pleasure to welcome them.

When they invited us to go to their show, to be honest, I was not too sure. However, with on of my colleagues, we decided to accept their invitation. We got the VIP sofa with a bottle of water (thanks for that!) in a circus tent where the moistness of July in Québec city was at its best (you know when the weather is at least ten degrees over what it is supposed to be because of the humidity). It was warm, but I don’t dare to imagine what they were enduring on stage doing their numbers. The place was full and these funny men with their weird appearances enthralled children enough that, by chance, children did not understand all their comments… The parent would have had a lot of difficulty to explain everything…

No matter what, we had a wonderful evening laughing and enjoying their numbers.

The day of their departure was a wonderful sunny day, comfortable and less oppressive with humidity. True to themselves, they make us laugh a last time before to leave to bring their incredible joyfulness to Montreal at Just for Laughs.


People come and go. Once the door is closing behind on one of our guests, a chapter ends and a new one is going to start. A new story is drawing itself on the horizon… New people to meet and to know… Life is still going on. We go where the life brings us and new adventures are coming to us. New chapters are coming and will be written, as long as there will be a door to be opened.

To the pleasure to welcome you…

Dedicated to the Five Foot Fingers (FFF).

 Émilie Moutou


Hôtel Château Bellevue
16 de la Porte St., Quebec City G1R 4M9

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